Strategically Position Yourself in the Marketplace

We provide critical information that you need to best protect your business interests and assets, and we ensure your confidential information remains confidential.

We Will:

  • Provide you documented facts that will identify if a claimant is trying to defraud you.
  • Help you avoid surprises through intelligence information.
  • Conduct due diligence and asset searches on potential partners and/or investors so you can make an intelligent and sound business decision based on real facts.
  • Gather competitive intelligence to help you strategically position yourself in the marketplace.

We can help you by effectively providing the following services:

Incident Scene Examination
Witness Interviews and Statements
National Records Search and Asset Verification

Our Services:

Surveillance: Surveillance is conducted to monitor habits, abilities and actions of individuals claiming injury. This is done by properly equipped and experienced investigators. Our surveillance is well documented with video, still photographs and professionally written reports. Our reports are provided to you within two business days upon the completion of the surveillance.


  • Protects your company from fraudulent injury claims
  • Saves your company money from fraudulent injury claims
  • Ability to prove the truth
  • Covert means of surveillance is used with discretion

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Incident Scene Examination: Our experienced investigators visit the location where the incident occurred, obtain video and photographs, measurements, and provide you a diagram of the location. Our investigators will also photograph/video injuries following an accident/incident. Official reports will be verified. Photographs/video will be labeled for identification in courtroom testimony.


  • Discover plausibility of witness statements
  • Identify discrepancies not reflected in the official reports
  • Independently document dimensions, measurements and descriptions
  • Independently document damages and injuries

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Witness Interviews and Statements: Witnesses are located and interviewed. Sworn statements are obtained prior to civil litigation when needed.


  • Impartial, objective interviews conducted by trained and experienced investigators
  • Statements recorded, transcribed, notarized, and forwarded by e-mail and hard copy
  • Statements preserved

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National Records Search and Asset Verification: A national records search and asset verification will provide strategic information concerning mergers and acquisitions, competitors and customers. United International Investigations offers extensive research capabilities to obtain detailed historical and current information.


  • Identify potential financial and civil issues prior to merger or acquisition
  • Be one step ahead of your competition
  • Protection from extending large lines of credit to those who have potential cash flow issues
  • Establish the financial viability of a corporation
  • Learn prior to litigation if there are sufficient assets
  • Establish business holdings for future collection

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