TSCM/Debugging Case Studies

Debugging Found and Privacy Restored

Our client believed that business conversations in his office were being overheard in some manner. The client was concerned that his office might be “bugged.” A TSCM/Debugging investigation by investigators of United International Investigations revealed a hidden transmitter under a table in the client’s office. RESULTS: The transmitter was removed, and the client once again had privacy in his office. The client was given advice as to how to strengthen security measures in his business.

Burglaries Stopped and Security Restored

Our client complained of “problems with the telephone line,” items being rearranged inside the home, and two recent burglaries of the home. The client expressed concern that the home was “bugged” and complained that something was wrong with the air conditioning in the home because the interior of the home was unusually hot. As a result of these problems, the client had temporarily moved out of the home. After summoning local law enforcement, the officers simply made a report of the burglaries and dismissed the complaints of the home possibly being “bugged.” Client next retained the services of United International Investigations to perform a TSCM/Debugging investigation at the home. During the TSCM/Debugging investigation, it was discovered that the telephone lines in the attic and at the side of the home had been tampered with and partially disconnected. The investigation further revealed that someone had entered the attic by prying off siding from a portion of a gable near the roof. Once inside the attic, the person had cut the wiring to the security system alarm sirens and cut the telephone line for the security system. It was also discovered that the air conditioning duct near the master bedroom had been cut open and wiring was found that might have been connected at one time to an eavesdropping device.  RESULTS: The client learned that her suspicions were valid when provided with the findings of our investigation. She was able to move back into and feel secure in her home due to the information and methods we provided that she employed to strengthen the home’s security and prevent future problems.

Tracking Device Detection and Removal

Our client was in the process of a divorce and was becoming suspicious that her movements while in her vehicle were being tracked. During a professional TSCM (Technical Services Countermeasure) (Debugging) a thorough physical and electronic search of the client’s vehicle was performed by investigators of United International Investigations and the following was discovered. RESULTS: A hidden GPS tracking device was located on the client’s vehicle. The GPS tracking device was removed, and it was further determined who had placed the device on the vehicle.

Estranged Husband’s Remote Intrusion Terminated

Our client was in the process of a divorce and was suspicious that her estranged husband was somehow learning about her conversations with her attorney and close friends. She feared that her home was “bugged.” A TSCM/Debugging investigation of her home by United International Investigations revealed a hidden microphone and transmitter in the master bedroom of the home. United International Investigations removed the secret listening devices. RESULTS: Once the listening devices were found and removed, the client gained peace of mind that she was now secure in her home and her conversations were once again private.

Recording Devices Removed and Privacy Ensured

United International Investigations was contacted by a female who explained that she was in the process of a “nasty divorce.” The client stated that she was still living in the marital residence and her husband was living in an apartment. The client feared that the home was being “bugged” since her husband knew too much information that she had only discussed with her attorney. The services of United International Investigations were retained to perform a TSCM/Debugging investigation of the client’s home and the following was discovered. RESULTS: A miniature digital recorder was found hidden behind furniture in the client’s home and removed. The husband then had no further access to private information.

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