Individuals Case Studies

Missing Child Rescued and Brought Home

Our client contacted United International Investigations and stated that her 14 year old daughter had disappeared during the evening and had been missing for one day. The client further stated that the police were not actively attempting to locate the missing child. The client was concerned for the safety and wellbeing of the child. Investigators of United International Investigations immediately began actively working on locating the missing 14 year old girl. The assistance of tracking dogs was enlisted as well as an air search of the area by helicopter was initiated. The mass media was alerted and their cooperation was provided in an effort to bring the missing girl to the public’s attention. Friends of the missing girl were interviewed by United International Investigations. A physical search for the missing girl was organized and performed by approximately 100 volunteers. RESULTS: After three days and nights of intensive investigation and searching, the missing girl was located alive and returned to her parents. The identity and location of two older men who had been recently paroled from prison and had been keeping the girl in their residence was provided to law enforcement for arrest and prosecution of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Marital Abyss- Proof of Infidelities

Our client had been married for over ten years, but he was suspicious that his wife was being unfaithful. Client’s wife did not need to work outside the home, had a nanny for the children, had a gardener, and a housekeeper who worked in the home on a daily basis. Through a discreet surveillance that occurred over a two week period of time by investigators of United International Investigations, the following information was revealed and documented with photographs and video. RESULT:  Our client’s wife was indeed being unfaithful…with three different men. Our client promptly filed for divorce.

Evidence of Innocence

Our client was charged with unlawful sexual assault in a downtown public area of the entertainment district in a large city. According to police making the arrest, there were witnesses to the sexual assault. Having been hired by a criminal defense law firm, United International Investigations began a thorough investigation including locating and interviewing several witnesses to the alleged assault. RESULTS: The criminal charges against the client were dismissed, and the record of the arrest of the client was expunged.

College Student Located for Overseas Family

United International Investigations was contacted by a client living in a foreign country. Since the client had not been in contact with her daughter in over two weeks she was concerned for the safety and wellbeing of her daughter who was in the United States attending a university. After being supplied with the last known contact information and photographs of the daughter, investigators of United International Investigations immediately began efforts to locate the daughter and determine the daughter’s wellbeing. RESULTS: In a very short time period, the daughter was located. It was determined that the daughter was no longer attending university classes and she was currently living with a boyfriend in a city approximately sixty miles from the university. Photographs of the daughter were provided to the client in order to reassure the client of the daughter’s location and wellbeing. The daughter and client were once again placed in contact with each other and the client had piece of mind knowing her daughter was safe.

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