Family Law Case Studies

Judge Issues Firmer Guidelines Due to Surveillance

Our client was suspicious of drug use while children were in the care of the non-custodial parent. United International Investigations conducted one undercover operation to disclose drug use by the non-custodial parent while in custody of the child. United International Investigations conducted follow up surveillance which revealed the use of drugs by the non-custodial parent while in the care of children once again. RESULT: Because of the surveillance submitted to the court, the Judge issued firmer guidelines for the non-custodial parent and the parties settled on an agreement.

Roadblock in Ex’s Plan to Abduct Child

Our client was involved in a child custody case and was worried that the former spouse was planning on “kidnapping” their child and had plans to take the child out of the United States without the client’s permission. The client feared that the child might never be located if taken out of the United States, and the client sought the help of United International Investigations. A surveillance of the former spouse and child was immediately initiated by investigators of United International Investigations, U. S. Customs and Border Enforcement officials were contacted, and an emergency court hearing was requested. RESULTS: The child’s name and the former spouse’s name were placed on a watch list to prevent the child from being taken outside the United States via commercial transportation. An emergency court hearing was held, and the court ordered the surrender of both the child and the former spouse’s passport.  The “kidnapping” of the child by the former spouse was prevented.  

Wedlock for Prosperity Prevented

Our client owned a lucrative business and had become involved in a serious, romantic relationship. The client was considering asking the woman to marry him, but first, he wanted to make certain that she was being faithful to him. Investigators of United International Investigations began surveillance of the woman, and the following information about the woman was revealed. RESULTS: Surveillance of the woman revealed that she was secretly having an intimate relationship with another wealthy gentleman. Our client was both heartbroken, but also relieved that he had learned the truth before entering into marriage with the woman.

Marital Abyss- Proof of Infidelities

Our client had been married for over ten years, but he was suspicious that his wife was being unfaithful. The client’s wife did not need to work outside the home, had a nanny for the children, had a gardener, and a housekeeper who worked in the home on a daily basis. Through a discreet surveillance that occurred over a period of time by investigators of United International Investigations, the following information was revealed and documented with photographs and video. RESULT:  Our client’s wife was indeed being unfaithful…with three different men. Our client promptly filed for divorce.

Documented Adultery Secured Custody and Settlement

Our client was suspicious that her husband was being unfaithful after several years of marriage. The couple had two children, a family owned business, and property. United International Investigations began surveillance and the following was revealed and documented with video and photographs. RESULTS: It was documented that the client’s husband was having an affair with a married woman. Our client filed for divorce, was granted custody of the children, and given a generous settlement agreement.

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