Civil Attorney Case Studies

Lawsuit Won for $775,000

One of our attorney clients hired us for a case in which a teenager was tasered while at school. The student fell backward onto a concrete floor and hit his head. He was taken to the hospital and treated for a hemorrhage through a medically induced coma which lasted 52 days. Due to this life-altering brain injury, he underwent several emergency surgeries and months of outpatient therapy. RESULTS: Due to the detailed and diligent work of United International Investigations, the case settled for $775,000.

Corrupt Business Practices Revealed and Lawsuit Won

Our client was living in a country outside the United States, had purchased land through a broker in the United States, and then relied on an agent of the broker to develop and sell the land for a residential community. Unknown to the client, the agent failed to pay taxes on the land for several years while purporting to the client that the land was being developed, utilities were being installed, and streets were being built. The client became suspicious that the agent was acting in a dishonest manner and not fulfilling fiduciary and other obligations. The investigative services of United International Investigations were retained to determine the status of the project. The investigation revealed that there had been absolutely no work progressing on the project and funds paid to the agent had been used for the agent’s personal use. The investigation further revealed that since the agent had not paid the taxes on the land, a lien had been placed on the land. The agent and broker had then paid the back taxes and taken title to the property. RESULTS: Through the investigative efforts of United International Investigations, the client discovered the truth about the dishonesty of the agent, once again regained title to the land, and prevailed in a civil suit against the agent and broker.

Insurance Company Revised Refusal and Paid Accident Victim

Our client was involved in a horrific traffic accident and sustained numerous injuries. The insurance company of the other party involved in the accident refused to pay for damages. The services of United International Investigations were retained by a personal injury law firm. Witnesses to the accident were identified, located, and interviewed by investigators of United International Investigations. RESULTS: All medical bills of the client were paid by the other party’s insurance company as well as money paid for pain and suffering. The client was also paid for the damage to the client’s vehicle.

Investigation Disclosed Disreputable Contractor

Our client was considering hiring a building contractor to perform some major renovations to the client’s home. The client wanted to make certain that the contractor was reputable and able to perform the renovations in a timely and proper manner. So he hired United International Investigations to perform a discreet investigation of the contractor and his workmanship. During the investigation, the following was discovered. It was learned that the contractor had not fully completed several previous renovations, was being sued by six entities (including the IRS), and his workmanship was far below standards. RESULTS: By not hiring the contractor, the client saved money and frustration.

Employee Compensated for Work Injury Losses

Our client was accidentally injured on the job and was unable to continue working due to the injuries. The company’s insurance carrier was denying any type of coverage for the client. The services of United International Investigations were utilized by the client to locate and obtain statements from witnesses to the accidental injury. RESULTS: The insurance carrier reversed the decision and paid our client for lost wages and medical injuries. Client later returned to work after rehabilitation therapy.

Employer’s Insurance Company Settled with Deceased Worker’s Family

A construction worker was electrocuted and died while employed and working on job site. The family of the deceased worker was forced to file a civil suit in this case, and hired United International Investigations to conduct an investigation. Investigators of United International Investigations located and interviewed witnesses to the electrocution. As a result of the sworn statements obtained by United International Investigations, the following results were obtained. RESULTS: The employer’s insurance company settled the family’s claim for the death of the worker.

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