Business Case Studies

Employees Prosecuted for Theft and Profits Increased

A large corporation was experiencing loss of merchandise from some of their delivery trucks.  The corporation retained the investigative services of United International Investigations to determine the reason for the loss of merchandise. It was determined through investigative efforts of surveillance, that friends of the delivery truck drivers were assisting the drivers in committing the theft of the merchandise. RESULTS: The drivers were terminated from employment, and the drivers and their friends committing the theft were prosecuted criminally. The corporation’s profits increased once the thefts were stopped.

Loss from Theft Recovered

The owner of a construction company was missing a large amount of construction materials and believed the materials were being stockpiled on an isolated ranch by a current employee. The investigative services of United International Investigations were retained to determine if the construction materials were on the ranch. Using the company aircraft of United International Investigations, investigators were able to locate the ranch and observe and photograph the stolen materials stockpiled on the ranch. RESULTS: The company employee was terminated, and criminal charges were filed. The stolen materials were recovered.

Owner Evicted Troublesome Tenant

Our client had received information that a leasing tenant in a shopping center was conducting business contrary to several aspects of the tenant’s lease agreement. United International Investigations was asked to determine if there was truth to the complaints and, if so, document the facts. United International Investigations began a discreet investigation into the complaints and determined and documented that, in fact, the tenant was violating several lease agreements. It was also documented that law enforcement had responded to the tenant’s location on numerous occasions due to fights, shootings, stabbings and other disturbances. RESULTS: The client took action to evict the tenant and protect other tenants’ businesses in the shopping center.

Financial Loss Avoided When Discrediting Facts Discovered

Our client was considering a partnership on a large project with another company. On the surface, the other company appeared to be a solvent company with the ability to perform its functions on the project. The investigative services of United International Investigations were retained. After an investigation into the other company was performed, the following was learned. The investigation revealed that the other company was in deep financial trouble, was involved in serious civil litigation, and would not be able to properly perform its functions on the project. RESULTS: The client terminated further negotiations and associations with the other company, therefore was saved from loss of money and failure of the project.

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